Useful Checklist of Actions After an Accident

A car crash can be a traumatic experience. Depending on the severity, it can total your vehicle and leave you unable to function as before. The shock of a collision can make it hard to cope with the aftermath. What should you do when a car accident happens to you?

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Show a Strong First Response

The steps you take after a collision are time-sensitive. This starts at the crash scene, where some things must be done immediately. Call the police to alert them of the accident right away. Exchange information with the other driver, but stick to the basics (name, address, insurance.) Your own insurance company should also be informed ASAP.

While you wait for the authorities, you can use your phone to take photo and video documentation of the scene to help you later with your insurance claim. If there are witnesses, find out what they saw and ask for their contact details.

Hire a Lawyer

Especially after a bad accident, the importance of having a qualified car accident attorney carroll county will be crucial. The other driver’s insurer may contact you with a settlement offer. Remember, they don’t represent your interests and you’re not obliged to settle for something that’s unfair to you. Tell them they can sort it out with your lawyer.

Beyond this, the laws around car accidents vary by state. An attorney will know the local legal landscape and will work to get you the maximum compensation you deserve.

Visit a Doctor

Whether or not you feel any post-collision pain, you should always make an appointment with your primary care physician. Some injuries can last for days or weeks before they’re noticed, by which time there may be major complications. An early examination can find and fix any potential problems. It’s also vitally important for insurance reasons to know the extent of your trauma.

Involvement in a car wreck can also wreck your nerves. If an accident happens, be ready and remember how to handle yourself after the crash.