Three Issues You Might Face During the Divorce Process

Three Issues You Might Face During the Divorce Process

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Divorce is a complex process that involves numerous factors. Whether the divorce is mutual or contested, you will have to consider all life aspects that will be affected by this change, such as your family, your finances and your property. As you head for divorce, look at some of the issues you might face and prepare beforehand. 

Child Custody 

During the marriage, if the household included children, then custody and visitation rights will play a major factor. Each state has individual laws and regulations regarding this topic, but in general, the court will determine custody depending on the child’s best interests. There are several types of custody and visitation agreements depending on the couple and the children in question. 


Another important issue to settle during the divorce process is alimony. Also known as spousal support, it is a monthly payment plan that aids the spouse with lesser income, who may be at a financial disadvantage after the divorce. This is meant to assist stay-at-home spouses or people depended on the spouse’s higher income. An alimony attorney orlando flmay guide you through every step, from determining wage differences to how much money you or the spouse are entitled to. 

Asset Division 

A critical issue to address during the divorce is the ownership of assets and how they are divided. You may have joint ownership of the home, and there are probably some artifacts that you both either bought or used together. Not to mention there are retirement funds and investments to consider. During this process, you may work with your attorney, your spouse and their attorney to select the best plan to divide these assets.  

A divorce will affect every crucial part of your life and will require careful attention. Prepare the paperwork and think about child custody, alimony and other factors to make the process as smooth as possible.