3 Injuries To Watch Out for at Work

3 Injuries To Watch Out for at Work

Working is a way of life. Whether you find yourself punching a time card at a construction site or logging in to a computer at an office, the risk of injury is always lurking. Those who have a more physically demanding job may have more of a risk than others, but it doesn’t guarantee those working at a desk are free from that risk. Explore three common injuries that occur on the job.

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1. Falls

It has happened to everyone at some point. You’re walking along, and suddenly you trip. If possible, you probably jumped up and laughed it off. However, there may be a time when you can’t get right up because you hurt yourself, or you discover later that you did more physical damage then you thought. Falls in the workplace are a common injury. It can be caused by something on the floor, an upturned carpet or an inadvertent trip from an object or coworker. A workers compensation attorney Orlando FL can help you decide if a fall might qualify for workers’ compensation coverage.

2. Repetitive Motion Issues

Jobs that require workers to repeat the same movements throughout the day may cause pain and soreness to erupt in the joints, ligaments and nerves around the area. For those who work in factories on assembly lines, those who sew and typists this area is typically the wrist and hands. For those who use large tools, like jackhammers, it might be shoulders and elbows. Pay attention to what body parts hurt, and when the pain starts and stops. It may indicate a repetitive motion injury.

3. Strains and Sprains

Muscle pulls can be painful, and if they aren’t treated, they can lead to tears. Muscle strains and sprains are a common occurrence in any workplace, but especially those that require movement. Getting up from a seated position too quickly, twisting and lifting something the wrong way, carrying a heavy object – these can all lead to muscle strains.

When your job results in an injury, it may mean you qualify for workers’ compensation benefits.