Professional Help Can Make Facing Criminal Charges a Little Less Intimidating


When you’re facing criminal charges of any kind, there’s a very real possibility of losing your freedom as a punishment. This is reason enough to seek out the help of a professional in defending yourself. While you may be able to handle a traffic ticket without legal help, anything more serious requires the expertise of a Fairfax criminal attorney . You may be facing stiff fees and a severe term of imprisonment in a conviction, but a lawyer can help you obtain a more favorable outcome.

Even in facing misdemeanor charges, a lawyer can help you obtain a better outcome in your case. Most people have the impression that a misdemeanor is a light charge, so they don’t think it’s as serious as facing a felony. While it is true misdemeanor crimes are considered to be less severe crimes, they do still carry penalties that include jail time. You may end up having to serve up to 12 months in jail, if you’re convicted. A lawyer may be able to obtain a lesser jail term, or he may even be able to negotiate for probation instead of jail.

Many people facing felony charges are reluctant to discuss their case with an attorney, because they may feel that attempting to defend themselves is futile. This is rarely true. An experienced criminal defense attorney may be able to arrange for the dismissal of your charges before you even go to court. Alternatively, your lawyer may arrange for a lighter sentence in exchange for a guilty plea. In some cases, it may even be better to let the case go to court. Every situation is different, which is why consulting a lawyer is so important.

Above all, hiring a lawyer to help you face your criminal charges will ensure your rights are protected. Without the expertise of an attorney, you may not realize that some of your rights are being violated. Sometimes, it may not be intentional on the part of the prosecutor, but mistakes and oversights do happen. This is why the criminal justice system makes sure that everyone has access to adequate legal representation.