Finding a Suitable Franchise Attorney

Finding a Suitable Franchise Attorney

If you are thinking about running a franchise, there are a wide variety of things to consider before getting started. Depending on your previous business history, you may have an affinity for a particular type of industry or service model. In some cases, you could also be an individual who is looking to break into a new market and experience a completely different aspect of the business. Regardless of the scenario that best fits your circumstance, you will have to perform a lot of research before deciding to purchase a franchise. With there being so much legal information to sift through, contacting a franchise business attorney would be a wise endeavor before moving forward.

Preparing Franchise Documentation

When you are prepared to move forward with your franchise business, you will have to agree with the franchisor’s procedures. The franchisor is the parent company that oversees all of the franchise business that they sell to franchisees. These agreements typically require prospective franchisees to pay an up-front fee to get started. Since this is a legally binding document, a franchise business attorney would undoubtedly be able to help you understand all of this information. It is essential to understand any legal documentation before making a business decision, and this holds for franchises also.

Filing Company Paperwork

Since your franchise is a stand-alone entity and represents the franchisor’s legal property, you cannot run this business as a sole proprietor. Meaning, you will have to choose between creating a corporation or LLC for your new franchise. While this process is not complicated for individuals who have experience running businesses, it can undoubtedly challenge those who are new to this area. If running your new franchise is the first time you would be filling out this paperwork, you should contact a franchise attorney for assistance with all of this documentation.