Questions to Ask Your Attorney


If you suffered an injury in any kind of accident in Boston, consult with an attorney about a possible claim. Filling a claim against someone who negligently, recklessly or intentionally caused your injuries could result in compensation for your damages. Asking the right questions during your free consultation can help you get your case off to the right start.


Do I Have a Case?

After scheduling a meeting with a Boston injury lawyer, learn as much as you can during the initial consultation. These meetings are for you to ask questions and voice your concerns. First, find out whether you have a case. Tell the lawyer your story. The attorney may ask you questions for more information. Then, ask if the attorney believes you have grounds for a personal injury claim.


Do You Have Experience in My Practice Area?

Next, make sure the attorney has experience with cases like yours. While every claim is unique, the lawyer should at least have handled cases within the same practice area. Ask about past cases and successes. The law firm should make past results available to you. Positive reviews or testimonials can also help prove the firm’s track record.


How Much Will My Case Cost?

Ask the attorney how much it will cost to represent you. Most personal injury firms operate on a contingency fee basis. A client will only pay a contingent fee if the attorney successfully secures a settlement or verdict for the claim. In a contingency fee arrangement, you and the lawyer will agree upon a fee rate in advance. The average rate is about 33%, or one-third, of the compensation award. You should not have to pay any fees upfront in a contingent arrangement.


Who Will Handle My Case?

Some law firms pass personal injury cases off to paralegals or associates. Ask the attorney if he or she will be the one handling your case. If not, ask who will be your point of contact. If you get the feeling that the lawyer will hand your case to an assistant rather than giving it personal attention, look elsewhere for representation.