3 Things To Discuss With New Drivers

3 Things To Discuss With New Drivers

When you sit behind the wheel of a car, you assume a great deal of responsibility. The road offers a ton of freedom, but it also poses a danger. Young drivers lack the experience to avoid some of the major catastrophes. Parents could help them by offering advice on the following three things.

1. How To Handle an Accident

Mistakes happen, especially on the road, leading to collisions. Prepare your teen for the event by discussing proper procedures and protocols. They should check on all parties, report the incident and insist on having an officer attend the scene. This instance is a time for a phone. Encourage them to snap photos of the cars and environment. These are vital to seek insurance help; plus, they prove helpful when speaking with a car collision attorney Kent WA.

2. How To Minimize Distractions

One of the top-ranking factors in vehicular accidents is distractions. Today’s generation, especially, fights a constant temptation to use technology while driving. However, the use of phones, particularly texting, proves quite detrimental. Talk about the various ways your teen could lose focus and correct the situation.

Limit the number of passengers, discuss radio loudness and plan to secure phones. Encourage the use of the cell’s driver mode, sending calls to the dashboard’s electronic system and stopping texts. Everything should remain hands-free. 

3. How To Maintain the Car

While you’re there to guide and remind, teens should understand when and how to keep their cars in good condition. When do they need an oil change? How often should they wash it? How can they check on tires? Practice this now, so it becomes a habit in the future.

Your teen is ready to hit the road. Before handing over the keys, have serious conversations about solo driving. Vehicle owners and users must understand how to bolster safety, improve focus and learn upkeep.