How To Go About Choosing the Perfect Dress for Your Body Type

How to Choose the Perfect Dress for Your Body Type – IVILITA

Fashion is one way the majority of women express how they feel. It is well known that the body comes in various sizes and shapes all of which are beautifully celebrated. But knowing your body shape could be a bonus point in finding the type of clothes that accentuate your busts, hips, waistline, and height, as the fashion industry has created clothes for every body shape.

The majority of women belong to one of these shape categories; Pear-shaped, hourglass shape, Apple shape, and the athletic shape. Asides from figuring out what body shape you are, finding a perfect dress that suits your shape is where the fun comes in. You can go through reviews as well as other similar clothing store reviews in order to discover the stores where you can get clothes that suit your body shape. You should also read the opinions of other customers on review of online fashion shopping sites.

To help you make the perfect choice, we shall be considering the various body types available and dresses that fit them below.

1. Pear Shape

This body shape is usually characterized by having larger and fuller hips and thighs. The waist is usually wider than the bust. When considering a top; cowl necks, V-necks, bell sleeves, and scoop necks are pieces you should look out for, most especially structured tops. Also, A-line dresses are great as it illustrates the waist. Having a pear-shaped way hinders you from wearing oversized, super-short hemlines and straight-cut dresses because they become so tight around the hips as they consume the whole shape.

2. Hourglass Shape

This shape is described as a curvy shape. Women in this case often have their bust and hips measurement almost even. Assessing a dress for this shape, your waist and curves should be put into concern; tops with V-neck, round check, or a boat neck are great options. Bodycon dresses, wrap dresses, mermaid dresses, belted dresses, and even rompers also compliment your curves and accentuate your waistline. Since the hourglass shape body is considered balanced, baby-doll dresses, shapeless styles, and some oversized dresses might not fit well especially if the bust is larger.

3. Apple Shape

Women in this category are often well proportioned, shoulders are broader than the hips and not necessarily curvy, and your waistline isn’t well defined. Styling an apple shape is quite easy, considering the bust is large and the dresses should focus on the waist. Outfits like Breezy A-line, flowy tunics, relaxed boyfriend button-up, and any piece with a V-neckline will fit perfectly fine. Any dress that is too form-fitting and peplum might not come out nice as it should.

 4. Athletic Shape

It is also known as the rectangle shape. Women in this category usually have their shoulder and hips measurements nearly the same. The waistline isn’t well defined and your weight is fairly distributed. Halter styles, racerback styles, scoop, and round necklines, and anything strapless will fit perfectly. A round or sweetheart neckline will work in your favor to give you a curvier appearance. Asymmetrical dresses and wrap dresses would sit perfectly on your rectangular body. Also, avoid wearing rigid and shapeless clothes that have straight or square necklines.

Regardless of body type, there are many dresses designed to fit each body type. All you have to do is know the outfit style and how to work it to fit your body.