Possible Court Sentences

Possible Court Sentences

When you get arrested for committing a crime, you will have to appear in court. Depending on the crime that you commit, whether you plead guilty or not guilty and the case your attorney presents, you will be given a sentence. A sentence can be as light as taking an online course or community service or as heavy as jail time.

Take Court Mandated Courses

If you’ve committed a more minor crime, you might be sentenced to a court mandated course. Usually crimes that are affiliated with court mandated courses are drug, aggression or theft related. If you got charged with domestic abuse, you will have to go in person or find court approved domestic violence classes online. If you are caught stealing, you might be sentenced to take a larceny or shoplifting course depending on the crime.

Perform Community Service              

In order to avoid jail time, you may be sentenced to community service. This sentence may also come along with a fine or probation. The number of hours that are legally allowed to be assigned varies from state to state. In New York State, the maximum number of community service hours given for a violation is 70 hours. For a misdemeanor it can range from 100 to 200 hours. Committing a felony can leave you with 400 to 500 hours of community service. The community service you are assigned must relate to the crime.

Serve Jail Time

Time in prison is usually reserved for more serious crimes. You can receive anywhere from a few months to life in prison depending on the crime. Some state laws require determinate prison sentences for specific crimes. For example, three years in prison may be the determinate prison sentence for burglary. The judge is unable to modify these sentences as they are mandated by law. However, the more common option is indeterminate prison sentences. The judge gives a range of prison time like five to 10 years.

To avoid any of these options, do your best to abide by the law.