3 Examples of Discrimination

3 Examples of Discrimination

Getting offended by what someone says may be irksome, but is it illegal? There are times when the opinions of others may hurt our feelings, but they do not always rise to the level of discrimination.

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Whether you are at work, a store or a party, you should feel safe and respected. Discrimination can appear as an overt act or statement, or it may be an underlying theme in the words and actions of others. To find out if a discrimination lawyer baltimore md can help you, first you must need to understand what constitutes discrimination. These three examples serve as a sampling of a fast-growing problem many citizens face. 

1. Age Discrimination

When a person is made to feel like they are being targeted or passed over due to their age, it may constitute age discrimination. While this usually happens to older people, it can just as quickly happen to younger ones. Age discrimination occurs primarily in the workplace where someone may not be hired or promoted due to their age. If you believe you have been slighted because of your age, you may be able to file a charge against your employer.

2. Sex Discrimination

The definition of sex discrimination is evolving. What was once thought only to be a female’s issue, it is now becoming something more significant. Any time someone feels their gender or sexual orientation is being attacked or mocked, it may fit into this category. Jokes or inappropriate comments targeting a gender or orientation may qualify. If you believe that your sex or orientation is being attacked, your case may fit these parameters.

3. Pregnancy Discrimination

Women have babies every day, yet somehow can be discriminated against for doing so. When an employer denies a woman a job or a promotion based on pregnancy, or when a woman is forced to leave after having a baby, the Pregnancy Discrimination Act allows for action. If you feel like you or your spouse fits this mold, you have the right to fight for your job.

An attorney can offer guidance in the face of discrimination. Seek the advice of someone to take action on your behalf.