Death Penalty In The World

Death Penalty In The World

The death penalty was frequently imposed for gross violations of the law. For example murder, serial killing, rape, terrorism, and others. In this modern era, the death penalty is generally carried out by shooting the head, whipping, beheading, or even locking the criminal in a room with poison gas.

To you these methods may sound terrible. But it turns out there are still many, you know, other death penalty that are more than that. Here are some of the most painful execution methods that will give you goosebumps. Come on, see!


This first method of death penalty will make the accused die slowly. Derived from Ancient Persia (500 BC), guilty people would be stripped naked and tied to a log. They are then left to float in a lake or river. The people were then forced to drink milk and honey until they developed severe diarrhea. Not enough to stop there, their bodies were smeared with honey to attract insects. While their bodies were being bitten, they couldn’t do anything either.

Boiled alive

Death penalty sentences date from the Middle Ages. At that time, people in various countries often boiled alive the guilty. The crimes committed were various. Starting from murder, rape, to counterfeiting money.
Boiling humans alive is a very torturous punishment. Because death will not come instantly, but slowly. The first thing you will feel is shock, followed by the burning of the skin layer by layer, until the fat tissue is destroyed.


Mazzatello is a method of death penalty applied by the Papal States, a region in Italy. The common people executed the sinners of the church using a large wooden mallet.
The hammer will be swung once towards the defendant’s head. Because they could not kill their lives, the perpetrators of the execution then slit the victim’s throat. This punishment is intended to torture and teach other people a lesson so they don’t commit sins.

The blood eagle

The blood eagle is a method of death penalty commonly applied by warriors of Old Norse (North Germany). This one punishment has absolutely nothing to do with eagles. Then why is it called the blood eagle?
The defendant’s body will be changed to look like an eagle. How to? Reporting from All That’s Interesting, their backs will be opened, then the ribs will be broken until they stick out like wings. From there, the executors would smear the lungs with salt.
5.Catherine wheels
The Catherine wheel, also known as the breaking wheel, was a method of death penalty commonly used in Germany during the Middle Ages. The accused would be tied to a large wheel and placed in the center of the crowd.
The wheel is then rotated without stopping. While spinning, the executioner would hit the defendant’s body hard many times. Even worse, the process was watched by everyone, including small children.