Immigration Services in Houston, TX

Immigration Services in Houston, TX

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Since the 2016 Presidential election in the United States, the topic of immigration has not left the mainstream media news cycle. Every day, there appears to be a story about the treatment of illegal immigrants that make it to this nation or ICE removing immigrants from the country forcibly. The children of these immigrants ultimately suffer the most because they are left without parents and must represent themselves in court when it is time for that particular case to be heard in front of a judge. While immigration news continues to come from almost every area of the nation, this is especially true for Houston, TX. With Texas being an extremely conservative state, the issue of US citizenship and immigration services Houston seems to be an endless battle between multiple parties.

Receiving Threats from the President

Roughly one month ago, President Trump vowed to begin making arrests in some regions of the country to control what he believes to be an illegal immigrant problem across the nation. These raids were supposed to take place at this time, but according to news reports in Houston, TX at the time, it appears as if they were empty threats for the most part. Houston’s police chief believed ICE would continue to handle illegal immigration in this region and did not think the police force would become involved with these efforts. Many individuals associated with these raids were disappointed in the president because a lot of these raids were supposed to be kept private. With this cover being blown, it makes sense as to why many of these raids ended up not occurring.

With this said, families are still being split apart and very few immigrants are choosing to return home voluntarily. When courts issue a notice of removal, only a handful of immigrants decide that going back home is preferable to potential legal action in the United States.