How To Prepare A Formal Demand Letter

Demand Letter Definition

Whenever you can solve problems without having to go through litigation, it is normal to want to avoid having to have your case in court. As a result, most disputes in injury claims end up being solved by having the involved parties negotiate. 

The demand letter stands out as one of the most important parts of negotiations. It will start the discussion and explain:

  • What you say happened
  • How much money you lost
  • How much you want to receive in the settlement

Lawyers for car accidents in Philly are highly recommended when you want to write great demand letters, but the fundamentals are the following. 

Type The Letter

Do not simply write with a pen. You should always type the letter if you submit it. When you choose to submit through an email, this should not be of problem, of course. 

Include Relevant Facts

Many make the mistake of not outlining such details in a belief that the insurance company is aware. This is not always so. Inside the demand letter, you have to include all the facts you can remember and you can prove. Remember that a judge might end up reading it. Consider the letter as a way to create a record of what happened, together with everything else that might influence the case. 

Always Be Polite

Never personally attack the party at fault. When you do this, you can expect a similar response. Remember that when you are calm, it is so much easier to come to an agreement. In car accident cases, it is very easy to let emotions go wild. Since you do not want anger to dominate court presentations, you need to do the exact same thing in the demand letter. 

Highlight What You Want

When you want to receive $10,000, do not try to make the other party say that. Instead, ask for more, like $12,000 so you can negotiate. You can be 100% sure that the insurance company will want to negotiate and you need to leave yourself some room to bargain. Just make sure that you highlight how you ended up arriving at the figure you ask for. Do this with evidence, by highlighting medical visit costs, repair costs, property damage, lost income, and so on. 

Set A Clear Deadline

The largest deadline you should set is two weeks, with one week being preferred. By doing this, you avoid the unwanted situation in which the insurance company is not really motivated to take care of your claim fast. Include the actual deadline date for a response so you remove all possible doubts about the topic. 

The conclusion of the demand letter should be a statement that says you are going to pursue legal remedies in the event that the recipient does not pay the amount that was demanded. 

Have An Attorney Help You

Last but not least, make sure that you seriously consider having an attorney in your corner, one who is specialized in the exact type of claim you file. For instance, if you need help with a car accident, contact a car accident attorney. The help that you receive guarantees the fastest possible resolution to your problems.