Common Mistakes When Facing Criminal Charges

Common Mistakes When Facing Criminal Charges

Being arrested can be daunting. If you are facing criminal charges, do not make these common mistakes. 

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Not Seek Counsel

You do not wait to hire an attorney. A fairfax criminal attorney will represent your best interests to get you the most favorable outcome possible. Having an attorney present by your side will keep you from saying or doing anything that can incriminate you.

Lie to Lawyer

Your lawyer will be bound by attorney-client privilege so you can tell him or her the truth. It is important to not lie to your lawyer, so they have all the information possible to prepare the best defense for your case. 

Incriminate Yourself

It can be nerve-wrecking to have criminal charges against you. Some people have a habit of talking a lot when they are nervous. In a situation where you are facing criminal charges, it is better to remain silent than risk saying something that can incriminate you. This is also why it is important to have an attorney by your side to help you refrain from unintentionally incriminating yourself.

Upload Posts 

You want to refrain from social media if possible while you are facing criminal charges. For example, if you said you were home all night but you posted a picture of you at the bar on Instagram, the judge and prosecutors will be able to use that against you.

Be Belligerent

Resisting arrest may lead to additional charges for you. Being cordial will be more helpful to your case than being belligerent. Try to remain calm, and consult all your words and actions with your attorney in advance. 

These are a few common mistakes those facing charges often make under duress. By being aware of such common pitfalls and working with your attorney, it is possible to work toward the best possible outcome no matter what charges you may be facing.