3 Workplace Hazards To Avoid

3 Workplace Hazards To Avoid

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Hazards abound everywhere. Roads are clogged and replete with semi-trucks and distracted drivers. Your neighborhood may have dangerous canines who often break free and threaten people out for a stroll. Your workplace is no stranger to dangerous situations. Take a peek at three of the most common safety hazards that may be lurking around the job, and do your best to avoid falling prey.

1. Slippery Steps

The weather can cycle through extremes during your workday. Some mornings you may walk through ice only to find it melted by quitting time. Slippery steps, both inside and out, can prove to be challenging to traverse. Navigating them may be tricky, and one misstep may cause you to go down and do some real damage to your body. Keeping a cautious eye towards these conditions can help keep you upright and out of the iowa workers compensation claims system.

2. Staying in the Same Position

Your job may require you to type for hours on end, and with the high volume of work coming your day, you find yourself sitting at your keyboard more than not. While you may welcome the busy work, you may find that it has negative consequences on your body, especially your wrists and hands. Remaining in one position too long and performing repeated movementsprimarily involving the same one or two body parts may result in pain and serious injury. Take breaks and see a physician if the pain becomes too severe.

3. Ignoring Safety Rules

OSHA requires employers to post safety standards that apply for the workplace. Working in a job around heavy machinery or physical labor may warrant more stringent rules to stay safe. Ignoring these rules may send someone to the hospital with a catastrophic injury caused by a fall, crushing accident or chemical spill. Even if it isn’t always comfortable or easy, don safety gear and follow these rules to stay injury-free.

Remaining healthy and pain-free at the end of your workday may be as simple as staying diligent and aware of potential safety issues.