How To Handle a Bullying Ex

Getting a divorce is never a fun occasion, but it can become especially ugly when your ex decides to become a bully. If you feel emotionally or physically exhausted after every interaction with your ex or if he or she makes threats about taking you to court or making sure you don’t get custody of the kids, you need to tread carefully. If you fall into the trap of bullying and abuse, your ex wins. Here are a few ways to handle a bully before, during and after divorce proceedings. 

Don’t Return Insults

It isn’t uncommon for spouses who feel rejected or jaded to lash out with insults. This is a childish behavior that points to deep-seated insecurities. While you may be tempted to respond in kind when you’re told you’re a terrible parent or an awful partner, be the bigger person. Either ignore the insults completely or respond with …

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Finding a Good Real Estate Attorney

A good real estate attorney can make the home buying process much easier. You want to make sure that you pick a competent one that will work for you in all aspects of the closing. Here are a few ways to find a reputable real estate lawyer.

Ask Friends

More than likely, you have friends that have closed on property. Ask them who they used and whether they would recommend them to do your closing. If you have no friends that have used this type of lawyer before, then ask if they know people that can give you a good recommendation. After all, you’ll have to work with this person for a few months in order to complete a real estate transaction, so you’ll want one that can get the job done. 

Meet in Person

While this may take some time, the best way to get a good real …

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Finding a Suitable Franchise Attorney

If you are thinking about running a franchise, there are a wide variety of things to consider before getting started. Depending on your previous business history, you may have an affinity for a particular type of industry or service model. In some cases, you could also be an individual who is looking to break into a new market and experience a completely different aspect of the business. Regardless of the scenario that best fits your circumstance, you will have to perform a lot of research before deciding to purchase a franchise. With there being so much legal information to sift through, contacting a franchise business attorney would be a wise endeavor before moving forward.

Preparing Franchise Documentation

When you are prepared to move forward with your franchise business, you will have to agree with the franchisor’s procedures. The franchisor is the parent company that oversees all of the franchise business …

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How Bail Bonds Work

Those heading to trial soon may have heard about the option of purchasing bail bonds. But how exactly do these work, and how does this differ from bail itself? Below is everything you need for a full understanding of bail bonds.


Shortly after a defendant is arrested, they must go before a judge. During this initial arraignment, the judge will set the amount of the accused’s bail. If the defendant pays this amount, they will be released from jail until the trial begins. At the conclusion of the trial, this bail money is returned to the defendant, regardless of what the jury finds. Should the defendant miss a court appearance, they are denied any further release and forfeit the return of their bail money. Defendants accused of severe crimes or who are at serious risk of avoiding future court appearances may be denied bail entirely.

Bail Bonds

Unfortunately, …

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Questions to Ask Your Attorney


If you suffered an injury in any kind of accident in Boston, consult with an attorney about a possible claim. Filling a claim against someone who negligently, recklessly or intentionally caused your injuries could result in compensation for your damages. Asking the right questions during your free consultation can help you get your case off to the right start.


Do I Have a Case?

After scheduling a meeting with a Boston injury lawyer, learn as much as you can during the initial consultation. These meetings are for you to ask questions and voice your concerns. First, find out whether you have a case. Tell the lawyer your story. The attorney may ask you questions for more information. Then, ask if the attorney believes you have grounds for a personal injury claim.


Do You Have Experience in My Practice Area?

Next, make sure the attorney has experience with cases like …

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