The Importance of Hiring a Divorce Lawyer for High Net-Worth Divorce

For a long or short marriage, spouses accumulate significant amounts of property. These assets must be adequately identified and characterized as community or separate property in Texas during divorce proceedings.

A Sugar Land divorce lawyer can ensure that all marital property is fairly distributed. A trusted local family law attorney can also help determine issues like child custody and spousal support.

Child Custody

For any family, the divorce legal procedure may be a stressful period. Having a Sugar Land divorce lawyer is vital to help you understand your rights, make informed decisions and guide you through the process.

The court considers your child’s best interests while making custody decisions. However, the financial resources of each parent can impact physical custody and visitation schedules. Additionally, couples with significant assets often have prenuptial and postnuptial agreements that can affect property division.

Whether you seek custody, alimony, or property division, a divorce lawyer can work with you to reach an agreement to protect your rights. They strongly support mediation and other less contentious alternatives to litigation. They also prepared to defend your rights in court.

Child Support

For a long or short marriage, spouses often accumulate significant property. For a high-net-worth divorce, couples tend to have complicated financial documents that must be evaluated to separate and value assets. Additionally, these couples may have prenuptial and postnuptial agreements that could impact the division of assets and alimony. Finding an experienced divorce lawyer who can correctly identify, appraise, and divide the marital and separate property is vital.

Child support is also a vital issue in high-net-worth divorces. Although the existing cap on standard child support is a certain proportion of the non-custodial parent’s income, judges can deviate from this cap in high-net-worth cases. Moreover, these spouses frequently have additional expenses, such as private school tuition and extracurricular activities, not covered by standard child support payments.

Wage garnishment, asset seizure, and the loss of a driver’s license or passport are all possible consequences of failing to pay child or spousal support. A leading divorce attorney will ensure a client’s support obligations are met.

Property Division

Spouses accumulate significant assets that must be divided in divorce. These include property acquired after marriage, personal items, inheritance, gifts, and damages obtained in a personal injury lawsuit. Proper valuation and characterization of these assets are critical.

An experienced high-net-worth divorce attorney can assist with this process by identifying, tracing, and valuing the assets. Forensic accountants and professional appraisers may occasionally be required to ensure the court knows all pertinent material.

Clients must retain a skilled Sugar Land divorce lawyer who can negotiate reasonable and fair financial settlements or fight for their interests in court. 


For a marriage, most spouses accumulate significant assets that must be divided in the event of a divorce. Some assets are categorized as separate property, while others are considered joint property. An experienced property division lawyer ensures your assets are correctly valued and characterized.

In some circumstances, a spouse may require alimony from a third party to continue living comfortably after a divorce. It is particularly valid when couples have a sizable economic gap.

If you seek spousal support from your spouse, an experienced attorney can help you secure the funds you need. Spousal support is typically paid in monthly payments or lump sum. Alimony is also available in same-sex marriages. A divorce attorney can explain the different types of maintenance and help you choose the best option.