Mistakes to Avoid When Posting Bail

Mistakes to Avoid When Posting Bail

Getting arrested and charged with a crime can be confusing and stressful, especially if it’s your first time. Usually, the court sets a bail amount during the first court appearance. You will be required by the judge to present the set bail amount to secure your release from custody. It can be overwhelming to understand the bail process, especially if this is the first time or you don’t have knowledge of bail bonds. You must adhere to the law once you have secured your bail amount or in the process of securing your release from jail. Here is a list of mistakes you should never make when posting a bond.

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Wrong Bond Company

You are likely to have several bids from bail bond companies. It can be tricky to determine the bail bond company to work with as you post bail. However, the worst mistake you can ever make is to work with the wrong bond company to post bond. You should choose a reputable company, such as bail bond company Allentown pa, for a smooth release from custody.

Making False Statements

The other mistake you should never make when posting bail is to lie to the court or the bail bond company. Intentionally making false statements can sink your chances of getting out of jail on bond. Remember that you have to make a transparent relationship with your bail bond company and the court.

Skipping Court Appearances

You forfeit your bond and face other legal consequences when you miss court appearances. The judge often issues a warning during your bail hearing, and you must heed to the notice. You don’t want to face stricter penalties for failing to appear for court dates.

The process of getting released from jail after an arrest can be overwhelming. However, making these mistakes only makes it worse than it should. The best part is that you can work with a bail bond agent to avoid the pitfalls.