How to Ride a Bicycle Responsibly

How to Ride a Bicycle Responsibly

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If you’ve never ridden a bicycle before, it’s not too late to learn. The ability to ride a bicycle requires a sense of efficacy and proper handling of equipment. Understanding road safety is the first step in committing to riding a bicycle responsibly since you’re protecting others from harm by keeping the bicycle balanced and watching for any environmental cues. There are some basic tips you should know to help you ride safely.

Protecting Your Bicycle

While riding your bicycle, it’s easy to lose your attention when you’re surrounded by pedestrians and nearby vehicles in a noisy city environment. Simply because the bicycle is easier to use than someone else’s car doesn’t mean you should let down your guard. Like drivers, cyclists share the right of way, but they must also follow the law. Bicyclists should use hand signals when necessary and avoid driving against traffic, which could cause an unforeseen accident. However, if you end up getting hurt in a collision, a bicycle accident attorney Jacksonville can consult settlement options with you. 

Preparing Your Bicycle

You should adjust the bike’s seat to match your height and carefully place your feet on the pedal before using your bicycle. You should straighten your back and position your legs in order to stay balanced. Check the tire pressure and use a tire pump to apply some air if necessary. Start the bicycle by gliding on a flat surface before shifting gears. When merging into a busy street or intersection, it’s important to stay vigilant and protect yourself from invisible dangers. One of the best ways to keep yourself safe is by wearing proper clothing that make your visible to others.

Riding a bicycle responsibly involves following a specific set of rules. You should prepare for your next trip to the city by making sure your bicycle is well-maintained with the correct components. It’s also important that you protect yourself and others so you don’t end up in an accident that will cost you thousands.