Month: October 2019

Immigrants’ Paths to Permanent Residency

Immigration policy is in the news as a politicians take sides for campaign purposes. However, for many it is more than just a political issue; it is personal. If you or someone close to you is in need of help, you should know there are several ways for immigrants to qualify for a Green Cards, or permanent residence in America.

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Who You Know

The most common path to permanent residency is being sponsored by someone. That someone is often a family member—either a spouse, parent, sibling or child who is a citizen or Green Card holder. Preferential status is also extended to those engaged to a citizen or the minor child of someone engaged to a citizen.

What You Do

A sponsor can also be an employer or prospective employer. Employment based visas fall into five different categories and allow around 140,000 people to be awarded permanent resident status each …

3 Injuries To Watch Out for at Work

Working is a way of life. Whether you find yourself punching a time card at a construction site or logging in to a computer at an office, the risk of injury is always lurking. Those who have a more physically demanding job may have more of a risk than others, but it doesn’t guarantee those working at a desk are free from that risk. Explore three common injuries that occur on the job.

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1. Falls

It has happened to everyone at some point. You’re walking along, and suddenly you trip. If possible, you probably jumped up and laughed it off. However, there may be a time when you can’t get right up because you hurt yourself, or you discover later that you did more physical damage then you thought. Falls in the workplace are a common injury. It can be caused by something on the floor, an upturned carpet or …

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