Month: November 2022

The “Both-Sideism” Of Cis White Men

The the other day, a question was posed whether the fact that an interlocutor was a “mediocre cis white dude” was relevant to anything, in juxtaposition to the uniformity of opinion by, in this instance, “‘every’ trans writer” as related by @AngryBlackLady.

Along similar lines, the same ad hominem was used to denigrate statistician Nate Silver.

Is it relevant whether these “pundits” are cis white men, whether Gen-X or otherwise, whether “mediocre” or worse, when the question is whether they are entitled to their opinions and whether their opinions have any merit?

As a corollary to the

I Own Twitter | Simple Justice

Elon Musk spent $44 billion to buy twitter. What a maroon. I own twitter, and I didn’t spend a dime. When twitter first appeared, I refused to play. I said then I had no thoughts that could be reduced to 140 characters, as it was when it forced people to be disciplined in their expression to fit within the confines of a twit.

Do you really want to know what book I’m reading, in real time?  What about my thoughts on the Giant’s chances of making it to the playoffs?  Or how many cups of coffee I drink every morning.  As I said to Kevin, we already have too much information.  This is just way too much.

Seriously, who has the time for this?  Who cares?  If you want to know what’s going on in the life of the people you care about, speak to them.  Can’t you see the

Last Chance To Say Good-Bye

It can prove hard to figure out what’s harmful these days, given that people are rather promiscuous in their claim of victimhood and suffering from anything they choose. Whether they’re really harmed or just play-acting is hard to say, which is why there exists terms and conditions that makes it unacceptable to question someone claiming victimhood.

But this has given rise to a sub rosa suspicion that many who proclaim their inner pain without any physical harm are mostly performing, and they consequently dismiss the seriousness of all such claims. No one punched, cut or otherwise struck Corionsa Ramey, and yet her claim of irreparable harm deserved better than she got.

 July 5, 2005.  Kirkwood, Missouri.  Police executing a search warrant.  Joseph Long, 12 years old, suffers a seizure and collapses to the floor..  Police stepped over him – repeatedly.  Failed to offer him help.  Refused to let his

Seaton: A Templeton Thanksgiving, Redux

It was the time of year when most folks gave thanks for what they had, stuffed themselves, and watched a bit of football in the evening after a good meal. In Sheriff Roy’s household, however, the mood was tense as Arlene sat out place cards the Sheriff didn’t particularly care for.

“ROY TEMPLETON. PRONOUNS HE/HIM/HIS” read the Sheriff’s place card.

Cindy was coming again for Thanksgiving. His brother’s daughter had finally graduated from Yale with a dual major in criminal justice and women’s studies, and was this year’s family member from Barney’s house sent to the Templeton home for the holiday.

Cindy showed up promptly at 4:30 in a crimson sweater and houndstooth skirt. At least she’s putting in an effort to look nice, Sheriff Roy thought. Now let’s see how long she makes it through dinner without the politics crap she loves to go on about.

The meal finally

Short Take: Good and White

There isn’t much San Francisco does well anymore, but it managed to be pretty good at running elections. That was largely due to a guy named John Arntz, the Frisco elections director. So naturally, they refused to renew his contract.

Elections director John Arntz, who oversees one of the few San Francisco departments that unambiguously accomplishes its core mission, has not been renewed for his post by the city’s Elections Commission.

By a vote of 4-2 after a lengthy Wednesday closed-session meeting, the commission opted to not re-up Arntz for the position he has held since 2002. The position will come open in May 2023.

The vote to not renew Arntz’s five-year term came not quite eight days after the city’s fourth election in the calendar year and fifth election in one year’s time.

Obviously, Arntz must have done something horrible, denied needles to junkies, watched a Dave Chappelle