Is it true that Indian professionals prefer Flipkart, Paytm over Google, Amazon?

Recent LinkedIn’s Indian editor report has revealed that there has been a trend in progress of Indians inclining towards homespun companies.

LinkedIn published its annual report after the companies in the country highlighted 25 firms. Some of them were featured as expected and on the other hand was a wonderment as well. Flipkart and One97 communication, Paytm’s parent company nailed two out of three positions, at the same time Amazon tumbled to the fourth position from the second position which had adhered from the past two successive years.

By more than 546 million professionals prepared the annual report from LinkedIn data and billions of action on the platform.


The top companies list highlights the companies where professionals in India want to work now, from home-grown companies to global giants. Studying the job interest rates, engagement with the company pages on the platform as well as retention rates, we found common several threads that make these companies the most preferred among Indian professionals.”

  • Adith Charlie

LinkedIn Indian editor


The main agenda incorporated companies from distinct fields ranging from technology, internet to consumer level good and oil and gas. Adith Charlie also hiked up that there is increasing the progress of Indians biasing towards home-grown companies. Professionals preferred a patent company for criterion such as parental leave policy, flexibility in scheduled work, retaining the power of the talent and many more.

The Indian professionals of 25 companies who are engrossed to work for are: 

  1. Directi
  2. Flipkart
  3. One97 communications
  4. Amazon
  5. Anheuser-Busch InBev
  6. McKinsey & Company
  7. Alphabet
  8. KPMG India
  9. Ernst & Young
  10. OYO
  11. Daimlr AG
  12. Adobe
  13. Expedia
  14. Morgan Stanley
  15. DBS Bank
  16. Ola
  17. General Electric
  18. MakeMyTrip
  19. PricewaterhouseCoopers
  20. Goldman Sachs
  21. Shell
  22. JPMorgan Chase and Co.
  23. Unilever
  24. Reliance industries
  25. Deloitte India
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