Common Mistakes When Facing Criminal Charges

Being arrested can be daunting. If you are facing criminal charges, do not make these common mistakes. 

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Not Seek Counsel

You do not wait to hire an attorney. A fairfax criminal attorney will represent your best interests to get you the most favorable outcome possible. Having an attorney present by your side will keep you from saying or doing anything that can incriminate you.

Lie to Lawyer

Your lawyer will be bound by attorney-client privilege so you can tell him or her the truth. It is important to not lie to your lawyer, so they have all the information possible to prepare the best defense for your case. 

Incriminate Yourself

It can be nerve-wrecking to have criminal charges against you. Some people have a habit of talking a lot when they are nervous. In a situation where you are facing criminal charges, it is better to remain silent than risk …

Follow the Experts’ Advice to Minimize the Hassle of an Arrest

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Any defendant facing a criminal trial might find the situation overwhelming. There is no doubt an arrest can upset any person’s routine, but it does not have to completely derail his or her life. In fact, there are a few time-tested methods of handling the stress and uncertainty of the criminal justice system. Find a few of the most useful tips in the list below.

Don’t Waste Any Time Developing a Robust Defense

It is important for any individual to consult with a legal team prior to heading to trial. For those locked up after an arrest, however, this can be easier said than done. If at all possible, find the funds for Delaware County bail bonds as soon as possible. This will provide some coveted freedom, at least temporarily. During this time, the best moves include finding the best attorney money can buy. Even indigent defendants are entitled to …

Paying Off Your Vehicle

Having an expensive monthly home mortgage payment can cause a strain on your family’s budget. Releasing yourself from this burden of debt can help you achieve your finance goals faster as well as free up room in your family’s budget for other important things. When you are ready to pay off your home, consider these three things to be on your way to financial freedom.

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1. Decide if You Are Ready To Pay Off Your Home

If paying off your home will add too much financial strain on your family’s finances at the current time, it may not be the right time to fully pay off your residence. However, beware of high interest mortgages that can cause you to pay more for your home than it is worth. Paying your home off faster can help you reach financial goals faster.

2. Have All of Your Documents in Order

When finally …

Immigration Services in Houston, TX

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Since the 2016 Presidential election in the United States, the topic of immigration has not left the mainstream media news cycle. Every day, there appears to be a story about the treatment of illegal immigrants that make it to this nation or ICE removing immigrants from the country forcibly. The children of these immigrants ultimately suffer the most because they are left without parents and must represent themselves in court when it is time for that particular case to be heard in front of a judge. While immigration news continues to come from almost every area of the nation, this is especially true for Houston, TX. With Texas being an extremely conservative state, the issue of US citizenship and immigration services Houston seems to be an endless battle between multiple parties.

Receiving Threats from the President

Roughly one month ago, President Trump vowed to begin making arrests in some regions …

Three Issues You Might Face During the Divorce Process

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Divorce is a complex process that involves numerous factors. Whether the divorce is mutual or contested, you will have to consider all life aspects that will be affected by this change, such as your family, your finances and your property. As you head for divorce, look at some of the issues you might face and prepare beforehand. 

Child Custody 

During the marriage, if the household included children, then custody and visitation rights will play a major factor. Each state has individual laws and regulations regarding this topic, but in general, the court will determine custody depending on the child’s best interests. There are several types of custody and visitation agreements depending on the couple and the children in question. 


Another important issue to settle during the divorce process is alimony. Also known as spousal support, it is a monthly payment plan that aids the spouse with lesser income, who …