Month: November 2020

What To Expect After You Get Arrested

Destin Criminal Defense Lawyer - What to Expect After Being Arrested

One of the worst nightmares most people may face in their lives is when they get arrested for something they did or didn’t do. From the moment the police appear until the whole thing is over, you may feel lost and overwhelmed. However, if you know what to expect, you can make it through the arrest more easily.


The process begins with an officer reading your Miranda Rights. It is critical that you listen and understand your rights, including your ability to stay silent when questioned. If your arresting officer does not read your rights to you, the arrest is invalid.


Once you get to the jail, you will be processed and placed in a room where you will wait. Depending on when the judge will become available to meet with you, you will need to stay with the others overnight or over the weekend.



3 Benefits of Being a Truck Driver

The real benefits of becoming a truck driver | Schneider

You can earn a great living as a trucker, but this career isn’t right for everyone. If you are trying to decide if this is the right career path for you, here are three benefits of becoming a trucker.

You Can See New Areas of the Country

Trucking is a great career for people who enjoy traveling. As a trucker, you’ll have the chance to transport goods around the country so you can mark various sights off of your bucket list. If you choose to work for yourself rather than for a company, you can even set your own schedule. If you invest in CDL road protection, you can travel without being afraid of anything that could happen while you’re on the road.

There Are Options To Choose From

You may think trucking takes you away from your family for long periods of time, but this isn’t always true. …