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How to open a bank account online?

bank account

Why invest time to go banks and then scratch head all day long for the procedure. Let me explain you about the simple procedure to invest time to open a bank account and learn ourselves.

Most of the banks stick to a process similar to the below procedure.

Equipped documents and finance your account. Once this is done, you can get go and save your bucks. Kindly read the below footsteps to get to the destination and own a bank account.

How to select a bank or credit union.

Select the bank you want to start an account. Start by searching for you need whether it could be a checking account or savings account.

Keep in mind about the fess that can be put in your savings and the interest as add-ons.

To make the things simpler, let me categorize the banks:

  • Community Banks and big banks: These banks will be well-known nationwide. They will provide you with the basic services and need. Local and regional banks may have approachable fee structures.
  • Credit Unions: It is a customer-owned financial institution that offers same services that bank delivers. They essentially don’t try to maximize profits and often have a competitive rate.
  • Online banking: Other few banks work entirely Online. You will have to handle the services by yourself since there’s no branch for such banks. If you are good with computer or Mobile device and most banking transactions the Online banking is here for you and can help you with securing higher interest rates on your savings. It sensible to open an Online bank and preserve brick and Mortar bank.

How to visit the bank or online website:

You need to open an account by visiting the bank institution’s official website. Be careful and check the web address. Some sites pretending to be a banking website may exist.

Be sure to keep the documents equipped.

  • Government-issued Identification id like Passport, Driver’s license or military ID.
  • Social Security number.
  • Physical and mailing address
  • Initial deposit not always required depends on the bank institution. 

Select the product type you need.

Bank institution will have account types and services to choose from.

Some of the basic products are:

  • Checking accounts to make payments and direct
  • Savings account and earn interest.
  • Money Market accounts.
  • CDs (Certificate of deposit).
  • Types of loans (Home, Personal and many more).

Submit your information for the documentation and security:

Once you open a bank account, you’ll need to submit the confidential information to the bank to protect and follow Patriot Act. Identification is essential such as name, birthday, SSN and also valid Govt. Id.

Agreement to terms and conditions:

Once you open an account, you will have to agree on certain rules for your own security and relationship with the bank institution. Read the conditions carefully, since important details about the fee charge are disclosed.


If are opening an account through online then you need to print, sign and Email a document to the bank before the account is initiated. Until the bank does not go through the documents, your account will be inactive.

Lastly, fund your account. This is needed as part of account opening procedure. There are different types of fund to open your account.

  • Deposit the cash.
  • Deposit a check to your account. Cash will be funded to your account within a few businesses.
  • Initiate a direct deposit with your company so that your salaries will be sent directly to your account.
  • Funds will be transferred electronically.


Once you are done with the successful procedure, keep a track for a debit card in the mail and cheque book.

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